American Made

This car is usually parked down the street from my apartment. Every time I walk by it makes me feel proud to be an American. Seattle is full of art-cars and it is always a thrill to see one on the road.

In other news, The Steelers managed to pull of a win despite not looking their best. I do agree with many Seattle fans that the officiating was somewhat sub-par. But in the end I think Pittsburgh played much better football, especially in the second half. Seattle made more than a few bad plays and didn’t manage the clock very well. Plus, anything owned by Paul Allen is doomed to failure.

2 thoughts on “American Made

  1. Who the Seahawks needed was Harry Allen, the media assassin.
    On a lighter note, isn’t it great that the world finally realizes that the Danes are the most amoral, disrupting influence on the globe? Those 5 million Danes really deserved the attacks against them! Take that freedom of the press and open immigration and humanitarianism and smoke it! Next, they’ll be boarding their Long Boats and taking their Berserkers to overwhelm the Muslim world by politely asking them to reshelve danish products!

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