Monthly Archives: June 2006


Mount Rainier

Spring is quickly becoming summer. How is this possible? Wasn’t it January just last week? Time marches on, whether we like it or not. Weeks become months, and before you know it you’re way behind, playing catch-up.

This time of year, I often see Mount Rainer on my way work in the mornings. Its presence is both comforting and intimidating. A contradiction to be sure. As one travels south from Seattle the mountain changes from background to center-stage. It draws my eye, an unavoidable landmark. Time moves forward but the mountain remains, or so it seems.

I am really looking forward to the start of the World Cup this week. Back when “Germany 2006” was a convenient phrase I had hopes of going. Even if I could not get tickets to a game, I just wanted to be with a crowd of rabid soccer fans, close to the action. A good friend and I were in France during the 1998 Cup championship match. It was incredible.

A student of mine predicted a USA vs. Holland final, which would be great. We shall see.