In case you are living under a rock (or in Paris) you know today is game day for Super Bowl XL. In recent years I have found myself following football more and more. Why? I can’t cay for sure, other than it gives me an excuse to avoid doing anything productive on Sundays.

Living in Seattle I have witnessed a kind of mass hysteria sweep across the city. It started out small, as people began to realize that The Seahawks were having a pretty good season. And then, like the aroma of Tacoma, it has blown through town leaving no innocent bystanders.

I feel that it is safe to announce here on my blog (read by five people) that I will be rooting for The Steelers today. Having grown up just south of Pittsburgh I was often exposed to the myths of “Mean Joe” Green, The Terrible Towel, and Myron Cope. I wasn’t into football at all as a kid, but nostalgia has a strange effect on one’s memories. I also think Pittsburgh is the better team.

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