Lego Vietnam

Way back in 1995 I made an overland journey from China to Vietnam. The trip was long and hard, 24 hours in a couple of overcrowded buses along very treacherous roads then 10+ hours on a train. When I finally made it to Hanoi I was exhausted but the city was relaxing and enjoyable. Here’s what I wrote at the time:

“December 6, 1995. Hanoi is a cool place, laid-back and upbeat at the same time. After walking around the city all morning I have found a quiet park in order to sit and relax. The surrounding streets are full of busy traffic, mostly mopeds. I went to the town citadel this morning, which dates back to the French occupation. It is strange to think that for the first time in many generations there is peace here. Most people seem happy and consumer goods abound.”

For more photos of my trip to Vietnam click here.

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  1. Such an interesting fellow spending his time in front of the computer… It’s about time you get on your feet and start moving, old boy. You have to make up for us folk who spend their free time on the computer looking up people more interesting than ourselves.

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