Fishing @ The Rock

I’ve gotten some criticism about the lack of updates lately. So here you go, all you complainers. This is a picture I took last December while in San Francisco, my first visit. I spent a couple of days doing the tourist thing. I was really impressed by the public transportation (it doesn’t take much to impress me). The BART was efficient and easy to use. And even though, the cable cars are totally inefficient and very dangerous, they are such icons that it is worth risking one’s life to take a ride on one.

Other highlights include: SF Museum of Modern Art, Cartoon Art Museum, walking from the Hyde St. Pier to the Golden Gate bridge, City Lights bookstore, and of course Chinatown.

2 thoughts on “Fishing @ The Rock

  1. I’ll lose some sales and my boss won’t be happy, but I can’t stop listening to the sound of two soft voices blended in perfection from the reels of this record I just found.
    Searching boxes underneath the counter, on a chance that on a tape I’d find a song for someone who needs somewhere to long for.
    Homesick, ’cause I no longer know where home is.

  2. Out of the blue!
    Stumbled onto Stewsnews and was pleased to find the Stew I knew…way down under in the land of ice and IAP. How’s that for a blast from the past. What grand adventures are you pursing? By the looks of Stewsnews you’re continuing to trod about in search of experience and stories worth telling. Touch base when you can and we’ll catch up properly. – Gil

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