Campus Commotion

As I was driving into the parking lot at work today I noticed several police cars throughout the neighborhood. Later I spotted a police helicopter circling the campus. Turns out an escaped burglary suspect had made off with a patrol car and abandoned it nearby. He also happened to be hand cuffed at the time.

For more info here is an article from the Seattle Times:

Suspected burglar drives off in deputy’s patrol car

2 thoughts on “Campus Commotion

  1. I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. As an educator myself, I know how unnerving it can be to see police activity on campus. You always hope it was for something minor and that no major crimes have occurred in what should be a safe environment.

  2. Hi Stewart:

    I hope you get this as it is the first time I have ever gone into a blog and not sure how it works.

    The pictures you have taken are beautiful (especially that table of food) and I hope you are thinking of writing a book – it was so interesting reading all that you have written so far.

    Our quarter started off with a bang-very busy. Weather is great too.

    Hope your experience there is all that you thought it would be and that you are having fun at the same time as teaching.

    We miss you here!!!

    Linda Benzel

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