All that studying finally paid off.

On Monday afternoon, I got a phone call from my academic advisor. He told be I had passed the comprehensive examinations I took on the 4th. This is a huge relief. Coincidentally, I had made my final tuition payment earlier the same day. So, as long as I don’t totally bomb the course I am taking this quarter, I am officially finished with my Master’s of Education. I would like to thank the academy and my family for their support. Also my colleague Kris, who gave me a pair of earplugs, I couldn’ thave done it without them!

If you are curious about the exam: It is a four hour written test, either on the computer or blue book. I was given seven questions and had to answer four of them. Going in, I felt very apprehensive; I hadn’t taken a class in the program since summer. My main study method was walking around feeling anxious about how unprepared I was. I guess it worked.

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