Waiting for Yellow-eyed Penguins

This was taken outside Oamaru, New Zealand in 1997. I was waiting in a bird blind for some Yellow-eyed Penguins to make their daily trek from the sea back to their nests. Here’s what I wrote in my journal at the time:

“Feb 23, 1997. I saw several Yellow Eyed Penguins. A couple popped out of the sea and waddled on to the beach where they climb the cliff to nest. A trail heads form the blind to the Little Blue Penguin colony. It was gorgeous, cliffs overlooking the ocean, truly magnificent… …The Little Blue Penguins nest on the cliff side; for $5 there are viewing stands and a guide explaining their life. There were perhaps 50 penguins in all, some coming up from the sea others waiting at the nest. Panic struck when a stray cat appeared, but I think he was more scared of the penguins than anything else.”