Monthly Archives: February 2006

Breakfast Steam

I was sitting with my cup of coffee and bowl of instant oatmeal trying to think of something interesting to post when I remembered this photo of early morning Beijing. This street vender was serving the typical sidewalk breakfast of rice soup, noodles, and (my favorite) deep fried dough. Street food is always available in most Chinese cities. In some places there is a designated “food street” where licensed vendors line up serving all manner of dishes. I have many fond memories of fried noodles, steamed dumplings as well as various “food on a stick.” As long as the vendors and their cart looked to be generally germ-free I was up to try almost anything if the mood hit me.

All that studying finally paid off.

On Monday afternoon, I got a phone call from my academic advisor. He told be I had passed the comprehensive examinations I took on the 4th. This is a huge relief. Coincidentally, I had made my final tuition payment earlier the same day. So, as long as I don’t totally bomb the course I am taking this quarter, I am officially finished with my Master’s of Education. I would like to thank the academy and my family for their support. Also my colleague Kris, who gave me a pair of earplugs, I couldn’ thave done it without them!

If you are curious about the exam: It is a four hour written test, either on the computer or blue book. I was given seven questions and had to answer four of them. Going in, I felt very apprehensive; I hadn’t taken a class in the program since summer. My main study method was walking around feeling anxious about how unprepared I was. I guess it worked.

American Made

This car is usually parked down the street from my apartment. Every time I walk by it makes me feel proud to be an American. Seattle is full of art-cars and it is always a thrill to see one on the road.

In other news, The Steelers managed to pull of a win despite not looking their best. I do agree with many Seattle fans that the officiating was somewhat sub-par. But in the end I think Pittsburgh played much better football, especially in the second half. Seattle made more than a few bad plays and didn’t manage the clock very well. Plus, anything owned by Paul Allen is doomed to failure.


In case you are living under a rock (or in Paris) you know today is game day for Super Bowl XL. In recent years I have found myself following football more and more. Why? I can’t cay for sure, other than it gives me an excuse to avoid doing anything productive on Sundays.

Living in Seattle I have witnessed a kind of mass hysteria sweep across the city. It started out small, as people began to realize that The Seahawks were having a pretty good season. And then, like the aroma of Tacoma, it has blown through town leaving no innocent bystanders.

I feel that it is safe to announce here on my blog (read by five people) that I will be rooting for The Steelers today. Having grown up just south of Pittsburgh I was often exposed to the myths of “Mean Joe” Green, The Terrible Towel, and Myron Cope. I wasn’t into football at all as a kid, but nostalgia has a strange effect on one’s memories. I also think Pittsburgh is the better team.